Floppy Flo has a face…quick lesson on face painting…

April 18, 2013

TodImageay is Flo’s lucky day she now has a face.  The pictures show my progression from the simple outline to her finished, full make up face.  Of course now she needs hair, but that is for another post.  The simple explanation on how I make faces is as follows:

I first do any needle sculpture that is required or if she is a flat face then that is not needed.  I then put dots in the specific areas of the edges of the eyes, nose holes, sides of the mouth and then draw a line for the eyebrows so I can see where everything is.  You can do this with a pencil or air erase pen or Imagewhatever marking tool you like.  If you are rather confident in your ability you could then just use a micro pen and do the lines on the face like you see in the picture.  I then paint in any areas that need to be white such as the whites of the eyes, any highlight on the nose, etc.  I like to then once everything is dry color in the eyes.  I decide if I want her to have green, blue, brown or whatever color eyes and finish those.

I then like to do all the coloring and shading of the face.  I normally use colored pencils, regular face makeup, gel pens, whatever I like to use for the type of look I am wanting.  The more dramatic the more opaque the medium I use.  Some people love to use water color pencils, but I have issues with those running.  You can also use acrylics, as they are fast drying and you can keep layering them.  Just experiment with what every youImage have and see what you like.  I learned by making face circles on fabric and just painting faces until I was comfortable enough to move to the finished doll head.  Remember, there are no mistakes, just opportunities to try something different.

Once I have all the coloring in the way I like it, from the shading, to the facial blush, the eye makeup, etc., I then start outlining and adding the finishing touches.  I will darken the nose holes, outline the eyes, but in the pupil, put the white highlights on the eye, put eyelashes and define the eyebrows.Image  I then will take my shading pencils or makeup and highlight the body itself, running the blush brush over the joints, belly button, etc.  Even if she has full clothes, I still highlight all parts of the body just so if she ever gets a change of clothes she looks good.

This was the short version on how to do faces, but watch for the announcement of when I have published my series on doll making, which will be posted here and available through Kindle and my Etsy store.  Till next time….


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