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Floppy Flo gets a stand…

May 6, 2013

flofinishedbaseflobasesuppliesFloppy Flo is just about done so she needs a base.  I admit I love to decoupage.  I think it adds a little extra something to my doll stands.  The first thing I did was I wanted her to have a pole, since she is a stripper, so found a dowel rod and cut it to the height I wanted and then drilled a hole in the wood base and squirted a little bit of glue around the edges of the hole.  I then used one of those little end pieces that you find at the hobby store with the wood supplies to finish out the top of the pole.  Next thing I did was find the paint I wanted to use for the base and then did a type of marble look for the base.  Once that is done I then pull out the tissue, paper, fabric, whatever I want on the base to decoupage.  For this base I am using different types of tissue paper and some pre-printed art words that I found in the scrapbooking section to add some interest.  I also had the flowers in the same package and used them also.

I first painted the decoupage gluflobasestarte all over the base and pole to add a sealer to the wood.  I then started to build up the layers of tissue as shown in the one picture.  I use little pieces of tissue and then kind of scrub them over the other pieces until I am happy with the design.  Once I have finished all the layering I then put a final layer of glue over the entire piece and let it dry.  I normally let the piece dry overnight before I touch it again.  Unless it is really humid out or the layers are really thick that should be enough time for it to cure.
For this  base I am using the pole to support the doll, but some of my other dolls I do not want a pole or for people to see how she is attached to the base, so in that case I use what is called an invisible stand.  This is where you shove a hollow tube up the leg of the doll and then attach a solid piece of wire to the base that fits inside the hollow tube.  This makes it to where the doll slides down onto the solid metal and stands on her own, but is attached to the base.  This is good if you want your doll to turn or be removable.  This method will be demonstrated in my series of doll making books I am working on.  Next post I will show you the finished Floppy Flo….till next time…    flowbasetissue


“Floppy Flo” a middle-aged striper doll…oh and I’m back…

April 2, 2013

I know it has been a while sinceImage I have posted to this blog. is still around and kicking, albeit not very well currently.  Business has been slow, but still doing custom embroidery work and designing fiber art items such as dolls, purses, and other fun things.  I am currently working on a couple of Kindle books and am going to start posting this week the progress of my new doll “Floppy Flo.”  She is my middle-aged stripper who is a little too big in a lot of areas, but still loves to dance.  The inspiration for this doll came from a TV show I was watching that is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  There is a bar called the Clermont Lounge and is known for being the place where old strippers go to still be able to work.  I mean these ladies are really something else.  They have a good time and just let it all hang out, if you get my drift.  Since I am a big girl myself and am overly well endowed, I just had to make a doll that was showing the affects of age and gravity, which is something that isn’t very nice to the “girlsImage.” 

The pattern for the doll is based of the Plus Size Body Basic by Mary Tressler (, but then I made a few adjustments and came up with an add-on gusset for the breast area.  This took a lot of experimenting, as the “girls” just did not look real enough for me so had to keep trying sew-on pieces, pieces that are incorporated into the sewing, and such.  I think I finally found a method that works and you will get to see how she progresses on my blog.  I think you will find her transformation quite interesting and I will be posting again to my blog, so a win-win situation…

I do have to admit though that making a doll that is well endowed is not the easiest thing to do.  You either end up with these weird looking attachments to the chest or something that looks like balloons that are sewed on or some other catastrophe that doesn’t look like a set of “girls” but as a deformity on the poor girl’s chest.  The next issue comes in when you start trying to costume the doll, which I will be showing you how that works in other blog posts.  I just wanted to concentrate today on how the doll came to life and that if there is a vision you have for a doll that you just need to get it on paper and get ready to sew several prototypes, but you will end up with a doll you really like.  If you have a doll pattern that you really like don’t feel bad about taking that pattern and tweaking it to fit what you are wanting to do.  You know, why reinvent the wheel?  Just make sure when you go showing people your doll or submitting it to contests or such that you acknowledge that the base pattern was made by so and so and the modifications were made by you.  Unless you take a pen and piece of paper and completely draw that doll up by yourself, then it isn’t your pattern, so give credit where credit is due.  It is just the right thing to do. 

I hope that watching my blog over the next few weeks will help you get in the mood to start creating your own “Floppy Flo” or whatever craft you are into.  I just love fabric though, as I can paint it, cut it, sew it, glue it, layer it, you name it, and it is a very forgiving medium to use, especially since if you don’t like the way something has sewn together you can just take out the seam ripper and start over again.  Not many other mediums allow for that… Till next time… keep creating!!