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Floppy Flo is finally done…

May 8, 2013

flowfinishedlegs flofinishedfront Floppy Flo is finally finished.  She is on her pole and looking good.  I added bling to her skirt using both pre-made trim I got at Joann Fabric and ponytail holders I got from Dollar General.  They are the type of elastics that have fancy lace and jewels that hang off of it.  They look like a fairy skirts when used on a doll.  I then her some thigh stockings complete with holes and a garter belt.  The fun thing about getting to this stage of the doll is now you can play.  You can make jewelry, fancy skirts, flowers in the hair, whatever you think your doll needs or is telling you she needs.  It sounds strange, but once you start making dolls you will find they talk to you, they let you know what they want to wear or the type of person she wants to be.

I don’t mean in a loud voice like someone is talking to you, but you get this feeling from doll as to what would look best or work well with your doll.  You may have started making a sweet little country girl and end up with a sexy singer, you just never know.  I don’t know how many patterns I have started working on and was going to try to make it like the picture, but she had other plans of what she wanted to be.  When thisflofinishedface happens just go with it.  You can end up with some of the nicest surprises.

Be sure to keep cflogarterfronthecking back and see what my next project is.  I would like to make an older, heavier stripper to show what Flo is going to look like in a few years.  Till next time…


Floppy Flo gets a stand…

May 6, 2013

flofinishedbaseflobasesuppliesFloppy Flo is just about done so she needs a base.  I admit I love to decoupage.  I think it adds a little extra something to my doll stands.  The first thing I did was I wanted her to have a pole, since she is a stripper, so found a dowel rod and cut it to the height I wanted and then drilled a hole in the wood base and squirted a little bit of glue around the edges of the hole.  I then used one of those little end pieces that you find at the hobby store with the wood supplies to finish out the top of the pole.  Next thing I did was find the paint I wanted to use for the base and then did a type of marble look for the base.  Once that is done I then pull out the tissue, paper, fabric, whatever I want on the base to decoupage.  For this base I am using different types of tissue paper and some pre-printed art words that I found in the scrapbooking section to add some interest.  I also had the flowers in the same package and used them also.

I first painted the decoupage gluflobasestarte all over the base and pole to add a sealer to the wood.  I then started to build up the layers of tissue as shown in the one picture.  I use little pieces of tissue and then kind of scrub them over the other pieces until I am happy with the design.  Once I have finished all the layering I then put a final layer of glue over the entire piece and let it dry.  I normally let the piece dry overnight before I touch it again.  Unless it is really humid out or the layers are really thick that should be enough time for it to cure.
For this  base I am using the pole to support the doll, but some of my other dolls I do not want a pole or for people to see how she is attached to the base, so in that case I use what is called an invisible stand.  This is where you shove a hollow tube up the leg of the doll and then attach a solid piece of wire to the base that fits inside the hollow tube.  This makes it to where the doll slides down onto the solid metal and stands on her own, but is attached to the base.  This is good if you want your doll to turn or be removable.  This method will be demonstrated in my series of doll making books I am working on.  Next post I will show you the finished Floppy Flo….till next time…    flowbasetissue


Floppy Flo is Getting Sexy….She has lion hair…

April 20, 2013


flohairbrush Flo is starting to come together.  She now has hair.  I like using different types of materials to make doll hair.  Her hair was made by using a yarn-type trim I found in the upholstery section of my local fabric store.  I then cut it into strips that were the length of the circumference of half the scalp.  I then pinned each strip in place and then sewed it in.  I then took the next strip and fit it down the scalp a little further and continued this until the entire head was full of hair.  I used a thicker embroidery thread to sew the hair in.  It was a contrasting color that blended in well, but also added some extra color to the hair.  I then used a small nail brush and brushed the yarn until all the sew lines were covered and the hair had flowfullhaira moreflowfaceandhair wild look.  The great thing about doll making is that you can use all different types of fabrics, yarns, etc. to make hair, clothing, embellishments, etc. so let your imagination go wild.  You will find the longer you make dolls the more you will see items in your everyday world differently.  I love to go to the hobby stores after major holidays and see what type of items I can get for next to nothing and turn into doll stands, doll embellishing, or even dolls.  The fun of doll making is you can turn anything into a doll, simple or exquisite, your choice… till next time….


Floppy Flo has got a new pair of shoes… well stripper boots…

April 9, 2013

Today we are going to give Floppy Flo some shoes, well thigh high boots.  The process really is rather easy.  The heel is already built into the doll fflowfeet1oot as part of the pattern.  I have folded chenille sticks in the heel for strength.  I then used my permanent, waterproof marker and colored in the foot and just above the ankle.  I didn’t do the whole leg as I was going to glue felt over most of the leg,  I then took my fabric glue, which I prefer Beacon’s 3 in 1 that you can get at any good hobby store.  It goes on thick and dries fast.  It also doesn’t expand or cause issues with the fabric.  I then wrapped the felt around the leg and cut the excess at the ankle so I didn’t have a lot of extra fabric to deal with.  Normally if you don’t like to glue then cut you can take the leg pattern of your doll and floboots1use that as a template for your boot top making sure you leave some allowance for the seam lines.  You can use whatever type of material you want for the boots. I have used leather, fake leather, suede, fabric, vinyl, felt, whatever matched the outfit.  Just so it can be glued and then thin enough to stitch through, as you are going to sew the laces down the front of the boot to give it more character.

For the laces you can use a matching thread, thin or thick thread, or a contrasting thread, it is up to you and the look you are wanting to get.  I like using a contrast color that matches the rest of the costume so I can use it as an accent, but that is my thing.  When you make your own doll you can make the boots any color you like, out of any fabric you want, and use any thread type you think will work.  I haven’t tried a metallic thread, as I find they stretch too much for me, but they would make a cofloboots2ol accent on your boots.  You can also just make ankle high shoes.  Instead of gluing anything to the leg just take your pen or paint and color the show up to where you want it to stop.  You could paint a set of pumps, baby dolls, sew toes on the foot aflobootsbacknd make a heeled sandal, it is completely up to you.  If you use a doll pattern that does not have the heel built-in then you could make flats, flat boots, sandals of any type, or make a pair of stripper heels as tall as you would like bflobootfronty using Fimo or some other type of clay and then attaching fabric to the clay heel, but that is for another post or book, as there are so many options I do not have room to even explain them all here.

Next I am either going to do Floppy Flo’s face or hair, not sure which, but I normally paint the face before the hair, as that keeps me from having to worry about getting paint on the hair, plus it gives me a bigger palate to work from, as I normally like to sew the hair down around the face so you don’t have those big blank areas on the head where hair should be, but has moved over and now looks funny.  Hope you are enjoying our journey with Flo and till next time…