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Floppy Flo needs some fancy underwear…

April 4, 2013

floppyflowundiesAll good strippers need a nice pair of undies, even though they won’t be staying on very long.  In trying to decide what to use for Flo’s underwear I pulled out a couple of my lace bins and started digging.  I found two very pretty pieces of lace that I had hand dyed bright colors and decided they would make the perfect addition to her costume.  I then took these pieces and hand sewed them in place.  I then had to decide what I was going to do with her floppy parts.  This was a hard decision, as they are long and many of the pieces of fabrics I used just didn’t look right so I finally found a large piece of lace fabric and cut out pieces the size I needed and began making Flo a bra by hand sewing the pieces directly on her breasts.  If she was a real person this would never work, but since she is cloth, and I have no intention of taking the costume off, it was easier to just sew the fabric directly to her body.  What this did prove is floppyflowbutta good bra really does put the “girls” where they belong, as Floppy Flo isn’t as floppy as she was before the new bra. She is still pretty floppy though.  I am liking the way the underwear is looking, but I want to make sure that the rest of her costume enhances what is already there and not overpower it or cover it up.

The fun of working with cloth dolls is you have the option of being able to sew directly to the body or make the clothes removable.  You know that box or bag of little fabric scraps you floppyflo1don’t know what to do with?  Use them in making your costumes for your dolls.  Most sewing projects take rather large pieces of fabric,  but when you are working with a little 14″ doll or smaller you don’t need much fabric.  Also, after certain times of the year such as Halloween your local fabric store puts those fancy fabrics on 80 to 90 percent off and most people have no idea what to do with, well make a fancy doll with them.  You can make dancers, evening gowns, whatever, and you aren’t spending a lot of money either.

This is why I so love working with fabric, if you use coupons, look in the bargain bin, or check out fabrics that are holiday themed and you are now past that holiday, you can get some remarkable deals and have more fabric to play with.  I don’t know how many times I have gone to Joann Fabric the week after Halloween or when they are having 50% off the already discounted bargain bin and bought half a yard of 10 different fabrics and everyone asks what I am going to do with all that different fabric.  I get to tell them I am a doll artist and I just like the fabric and it is going in my bin for the next doll I am working on.  Even if you don’t make dolls, that fabric is great for wall hangings, art quilts, purses, or whatever type of fabric art you are into.  I really love the look of crazy quilts and those are great for using small pieces of weird or fancy fabric, as you can tie it all together with embroidery, trims, or whatever you please.

Next time we are going to see what Floppy Flo gets to wear on her feet.  I am thinking thigh high boots are in order, as what stripper doesn’t look good in a fancy pair of boots?  Till next time…